Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

– A quick and easy read on what Artificial Intelligence is; why must one conduct research on AI safety; how it can be dangerous and why there is a sudden increase in research on AI safety. The article also busts the myths about advanced AI and mentions some of the most interesting controversies in the field. Read at:

– Nearly 200 public intellectuals submitted essays to the question posed by “What do you think about machines that think”. This article looks at some of the most interesting paragraphs from the best essays. Read at:

Legal Framework 


– An easy read on law and the plausible use of AI in Indian Legal System – Ananth Kini, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Profession: The ‘Intelligent’ way ahead ?, (Sept. 15, 2020, 12:30 AM),

– Liabilities, Rights and Regulations, this post by Ernst & Young delves into the legal aspect of AI and also contends whether AI would constitute to be a separate legal personality.

– Natasha Nayak and Rajnish Gupta, Regulating Artificial Intelligence, (Sept. 15, 2020, 1:20 PM) Read at:

– This short piece by Ikigai Law demonstrates the different tools that are already in use in the legal field and poses a question on the viability of lawyers in the near future. Ikigai Law, Will Artificial Intelligence replace the lawyers ?, (Sept. 15, 2020, 1:30 PM),

European Union

– Declaration of Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence. The aim of the declaration is to create a single digital market. This article also covers various projects taken up by the EU with respect to AI.- Member States sign up to cooperate on Artificial Intelligence | Shaping Europe’s digital future :

– Report on liability framework for AI, IoT and Robotics. This Report aims to identify and examine the broader implications for potential gaps in the liability and safety framework for AI, the IoT and Robotics-  EC Report 10022020

– White Paper on AI aims to integrate the European countries into a single digital market for AI innovation to prevent fragmentation. It presents policy options to to enable a trustworthy and secure AI in Europe in full respect of values and rights of EU citizens-

AI and Liability 

Civil Liabilities:

 Video Resources

  • A fascinating history of Artificial Intelligence and also briefly delves into the workings of several visionaries who conceptualised and developed this phenomenon – ColdFusion, Who invented AI – The Pioneers of our future, YouTube (Sept. 14, 2020),