The Digital Future is a centre for research on technology policy focusing on legal, social, political, research on emerging technologies. We undertake research projects on various technology innovations such as AI, blockchain, Big Data, cryptocurrency and more. We also look at the growing field of technology regulatory framework such as cybersecurity and data protection.

“Soon ‘Work from Home’ culture will become the new norm in the post Covid-19 world. AI and real time internet can give a huge boost to advance this culture. From saving rent to cutting carbon footprint, the possibilities are immense.”

Vedant Mundra
Small Business Owner (Textile Industry)

“Technologies like like IoT, AI, 3D printing and Digital Ledger Technologies like Blockchain will completely re-configure the way we interact, consume, produce, and trade forever. In the next few decades they’ll significantly transform well-being and entirely transform categories of international trade in goods and services like driverless cars and financial services based on blockchain and quantum processing.”

Kaustubh Sharma
B.A.,LL.B. (Hons.) 2015 Jindal Global Law School

Analysis of Instagram’s Business Model: Economic Reflections

By Varda Saxena Instagram and Facebook are tech giants who’ve created an extraordinary demand and supply of products. The services offered by them are not paid. However, such giants have revolutionised the modern-day economy. The way most markets are organised, like a market for agricultural products, these social media platforms are used by large, medium … More Analysis of Instagram’s Business Model: Economic Reflections


Our aim is to raise awareness on the challenges various stakeholders face in the current technology climate. We aim to be a platform where individuals, interested in technological developments, can find the information they are looking for and more.


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Educate people about the implications of technology and their inevitability of crossing roads with all disciplines.


Analyse the impact of emerging technologies on the society.


Provide policy briefs, legal research, foreign policy advise on the emerging technologies.

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