The Digital Future is an initiative that focuses on the response, formulation, governance and regulation of technology that has societal implications. Our mission is to develop an understanding of social technical transitions by producing independent, indigenous and rigorous research projects.

By focusing on raising awareness on the developments in technology policy, AI and cybersecurity we can create a hub of data law/policy research in India. A key theme of the project is also to promote, cross-disciplinary research and collaboration within our university amongst the various schools we have included but not limited to: law; business; public policy; journalism; and architecture.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the Digital Future!

Parvathi Bakshi


B.A.,LL.B. (Hons.) Jindal Global Law School, India

Parvathi is a lawyer by profession and has a deep interest in the field of new age technology developments. Seeing the potential for a platform which can facilitate discussions and research on artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and more, she started a project to develop a research hub as a part of her course work.

P. Arun Teja

Advisor & Researcher

Doctoral Fellow at Jindal School of International Affairs

Arun’s area of research is the impact of digital technologies on the global power structure. He has published a chapter titled “Egypt’s Uncertain Future under Al-Sisi’s Rule”, in the book “India and its Emerging Foreign Policy Challenges.” 

Research Teams

Artificial Intelligence

The AI team focuses on individual research projects that attempt to question, challenge and explain the impact of AI in various industries including but not limited to healthcare, education, crime, biotechnology, law and more.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The blockchain & cryptocurrency team researchers are geared towards research which discusses and explains how blockchain and cryptocurrency works and their impact on the economy, society, crime and law.


The researchers at the cybersecurity team have the challenging task of working on consolidating information on cyber laws within India and creating a roadmap which charts out the regulatory framework, implementation challenges, legal jurisprudence and legal recourse.

Data Protection & Privacy

The data protection and privacy team apart from taking on individual research projects on the various privacy challenges we face in the 21st century has also been working on replying to the Draft Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture framework paper released by Niti Ayog.

Editorial Board

Our editorial board consists of individuals who have an interest in the field of technology and subsequent developments of technology deployment. This helps them contribute meaningfully when undertaking the task of editing complex technical articles. The editorial board also has editors who work within the various research teams as well.