Artificial Intelligence and Copyright in India

By Adityan Rangaswamy Copyright is a set of legal rights given to authors for the creation of musical, artistic and literary works[1]. In India, Copyrights are governed under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957[2]. Under Section 13 of the Act, copyright protection is limited to certain classes of works[3]. These include literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic … More Artificial Intelligence and Copyright in India

Case Review

Google Spain vs. Mario Costega Gonzalez (“Right to be Forgotten”) by Parvathi Bakshi This piece is a summary and analysis of the Google vs. Gonzalez which paved the path for the drafting of “Right to be Forgotten” Background In 2010, a Spanish National registered a complaint against Google Spain and Google Inc. among others, requesting … More Case Review

Data Governance in the Age of 5G and AI: Decentralised Model

by Vedant Mundra & Parvathi Bakshi The fundamental challenge that data governance deals with is ensuring the benefits of the data revolution to contribute to inclusive economic development while protecting the rights of people. The latest technological developments have seen the generation, collection, storage, transfer and processing of data: with far more advanced mechanisms, leading … More Data Governance in the Age of 5G and AI: Decentralised Model

Data Privacy and Competition Law in a Digital Economy

by Sukanya Hosmani Abstract In today’s economy where there is an increasing measure of scrutiny with regard to technology’s impact on consumers and market competition, a key inquiry that should be considered is whether privacy should be considered as a dimension of competitive practices in the market. In other words, is privacy relevant to the … More Data Privacy and Competition Law in a Digital Economy

Internet Governance: An introduction

Introducing the concept  The emergence of the internet has provided its parent companies to extract big data which is now called the new oil. Its weight of importance is the digital traces of data around the social lives of netizens. As Francis Fukuyama’s most criticized and appreciated title ‘The end of history,’ depicted the end of the cold … More Internet Governance: An introduction